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Tower Boat Storage- establishing a new standard and expectations for what a storage facility should be.

We Are Boaters!

We have been coming to Laurel Lake since 1995. Our kids grew up on this lake and now, our grandchildren are enjoying the lake with their parents and us.

We have a houseboat at Grove Marina---Schu Box II


Over the years, we've watched all types of boats continue to get larger, wider, have towers, and are much more expensive.


The older facilities in the area have small doors and narrow bays that make it difficult or nearly impossible, to back your boat in, without possibly damaging it in the process.


With that in mind, we created TBS---"Tower Boat Storage"---(descriptive name only), and feel that it just might be a perfect fit for your boat, camper, or RV.


You'll find Tower Boat Storage to be New, Clean, Convenient, and Secure.


Located on Bee Creek Road #1193, and close to Grove Road, you'll find TBS convenient to Grove and Holly Bay marina's, and Bee Creek Market for gas, ice, and other essentials.


Please stop by and visit. We'd like to be the new home for for your prized possession.


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